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Little Sista December 11, 2008

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while ūüė¶¬†

So I wanted to fill you guys in on me & Tammy’s little sister.¬† Shes had a problem with drugs for a while now, and me & Tam both have been worried for a long time.¬† She’s troubled, her heart is covered with sin, and you see this just by looking in her eyes.¬†

But there’s good news……she volunteered to go to rehab!¬† She was in there for a 21 day program.¬† But now she is out; and surrounded by all her so called friends.¬† I ask that you pray for her strength, and her mind.¬† This drug she’s on controls everything.¬† So by praying maybe He can control her Spirit!¬†



Meeting a Crony! November 29, 2008

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So a old friend from middle school is in my home town to visit me!¬† Her name is Ryann and in school she was basically the “perfect girl”!¬† Meaning everything she did was bigger and better!¬† So tomorrow were having dinner, drinks, and catch up on old times.¬† Im a little nervous and overwhelmed of the outcome.¬†


How is it that you know someone for so long and then all of the sudden they feel like strangers?

Should I be nervous?  Why is it that a comfortable situation can feel so UNCOMFORTABLE? 

Wish me luck!!!!     

Your thoughts…..


17 things about me November 20, 2008

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  1. ummmm….ok……I think I talk too much
  2. I wash my hair 4 times a week.  Its oily and very long
  3. I have to force myself  to read things (I do a lot of skimming)
  4. My first job was Denny’s as a waitress I was 16 (I made a geriatric couple cry)
  5. I had every toy!  I even had two cabbage patch dolls!
  6. I always flirted my way out of tickets except for the one given to me by a woman!
  7. I floss my teeth more than I brush them.  I actually take the cellophane off  a cigarette pack and floss my teeth with it if I have no floss on hand
  8. I wanted to be a journalist or a teacher growing up
  9. I also talk to myself a lot!¬† And I think I even answer myself to…..wait……………………..yes I do!
  10. I almost had a tooth pulled and I was 6 months pregnant!  But the baby was kicking really hard and my blood pressure went to high so they had to stop   (weird tam)
  11. When I was 16¬†me and my friend¬†put “you suck”¬† on a ladies car with cucumber melon lotion.¬† I was later arrested.¬† They found the evidence in my car ūüė¶
  12. Ive always been good at selling things; Brent says I can sell ice to an Eskimo
  13. I have more guy friends than girlfriends…always have.¬† Women can be intimidating
  14. I will always be uncoordianted and bad at sports even though Im tall
  15. Before I die I want to learn to play an instrument, but I dont think I’m smart enough
  16. I love singing! I do Karaokee its so fun!
  17. I’m always wrong about things!¬† For once I would like to be right…..just once

I have 17!  How many can you do?


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Diet Time!

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This is me now and heres me 3 yrs ago; see the difference? (double click the pic to see better)¬† See how my arm is three times larger than the other pic?¬† My friends tell me its “Happy Weight”¬† because I’m happy with my boyfriend Jason.¬† Well if thats the case I’ll just be single again!¬† lol

So I went on a cleansing diet.¬† Its where you take these pills and it flushes your system and all I’m eating tuna, eggs, and water.¬† I give myself 4 weeks to lose 13lbs.¬† If I lose 13 lbs I’ll still be within a 18-20%¬† BMI.

Any advise on Diet tips?


Response to Tam’s Post November 19, 2008

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This is response to Tammy’s blog on Kass being bullied

I once was bullied in school for several weeks actually and nothing was done about it.¬† It was this older girl and she thought I liked her boyfriend because he just happen to ride the bus with me.¬† Trying to¬†ignore and avoid her through the halls and classrooms I eventually had to face my doom in shop class.¬† She started mouthing me and embarrassing me in front of others.¬† Therefore I started verbally attacking her; mainly out of being nervous.¬† The next thing I remembered was her fist (which was filled with rings) striking my head to what seemed like a hundred times.¬† The only thing I recall doing was pulling her hair.¬† Older students began to break us up and lead us down the hall to where the principal was.¬† I sat in his office listening to him explain the rules and regulations of the school.¬† And the next words I hear is…..your suspended for ten days!!¬† I told him repeatedly that she struck me first and had been harassing me for weeks!¬† But it didnt matter……. Therefore I’m proud of Kass for telling her parents and being this amazing little woman!

However school systems are still not up to par apparently!!!  Something needs to change!!! 

What should be done in these situations?  What would prevent these situations?

Your thoughts?


Pray for me November 17, 2008

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I have joint custody with my ex, and lately I’ve been feeling really down.¬† My son started Kindergarten this year and he goes to school where his dad lives.¬† Therefore I get to see my son only every two weeks on the weekends.¬† I’m struggling, I’m sad, I’m frustrated because I feel I’m not there for my son like I should be.¬† I feel like my duties as a mother are not being fulfilled.¬† I don’t get to read to him, give him baths, or tuck him in.¬† The time I do have with him I try to do everything possible like baking him cupcakes and helping him with his¬†reading;¬†but I feel that its just not enough.¬† I feel as if hes slowly drifting away from me…………

Please pray for me